I have seen Wilma Wong over the years for many different medical and stress related issues. I can not say enough wonderful things about her. I must tell you all, that she helped me a a couple of years ago when my doctor discovered an ovarian cyst. I was super stressed and concerned. The doctor said they would have to do an open procedure because the cyst was too big to come out by laparoscope. I called Wilma Wong immediately and she began energy healing on the the phone. Then I flew to Los Angeles to see her in person. The week after I came back my doctor scheduled me for another ultrasound then surgery. To his surprise he changed his plans and the cyst came out by laparoscope. The doctor could not believe his eyes. I told him about Wilma and he was fascinated. My recovery and surgery went well. I give full credit to Wilma! She has also helped my sister with her spine problems. I don't know what my family would do without her.

Barbara S.

Menlo Park, CA

Simply put, since I've started working with life coach Wilma, I've been more productive than I have been in years.  It's not just another mind to push me, she's provided innumerable tips and guidance on everything from saving money to saving time.  I've learned to respect and value my time, which has led to higher productivity and more goals accomplished.  

She's taught me a lot of little tricks, that seem trivial, but have made a big difference.  I used to watch television while I ate lunch.  Now, at Wilma's encouragement, I spend that hour working on projects.  Just that simple change has amounted to a lot of progress towards my goals.

I also appreciate her time and dedication.  I check in with her often, and each contact leaves me inspired and recharged.

I'll write one last thing.  Think of a time you meet someone, and as you talk with them, you realize they are so completely suited to do something.  That they are a natural, and excel at whatever it is. Wilma is a natural life coach, and excels at it. If you're thinking about your life's path, and where you want to be, I wholeheartedly recommend Wilma Wong.  She's pretty amazing.  Thank you Wilma!

David O.

Los Angeles, CA


Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with my Dad. I can’t begin to explain what a  difference it made in his life. I could see a higher level of comfort and peace. As he said, you are very special.

Victoria R.
Long Beach, CA

Thank you for your time and talent in releasing my migraine headache on Thursday. It was greatly appreciated.

Michele A.
Los Angeles, CA


I felt your energy like a wave of confidence and courage -- thanks
Franci P.
Hemet, CA


my knee and leg feel so much better today.  it's as if i'm learning to trust them again.

Sujata B.
Santa Monica, CA


In my life, I have come in contact with some of the most amazing healers from all over the world. I myself am a healer. I must say that Wilma has some of the most extraordinary gifts when it comes to healing the physical body and mind. She has a surplus of knowledge that I have never seen in another person let alone another healer. But more important, I feel are her gifts. Among them, is an amazing ability to see and trace energy in the body like a human cat scan, but better. She is able to trace an energy problem back to its source in the body, clear it from there, and achieve what science would say are impossible physical healing results. Combine that with her unbelievable vast knowledge of healing and I believe she is the perfect healer to help any. She will have just the right technique for every person, situation, and ailment. She will change your life and get you to greatness. Trust her as I do.  

Alessandro G.
North Hollywood, CA


I like to say a personal  thank you to Wilma Wong for helping this young athlete to control her emotions and learn to believe in herself rather then worrying about others. 

Julia V.
Los Angeles, CA


 I was not as sore as I expected to be Sun morning when I woke up and this morning there is a noticeable improvement again about back to where I was Sat a.m. prior to the match which is good. Have no matches now for a couple of weeks which will give it a further chance to heal without being unecessarily tested by the application of brute force applied by some 200lb footballer a good thing believe me! By the time my next match comes round I hope the ribs will be  back to full health.

thanks again

Sean M.


It was so great to talk with you yesterday.

Here's my update:

1)  I created a FB ad campaign for $25 and so far increased my total FB likes  from 96-124 in the past 24 hours.

2)  I spent the day with my husband coming with a plan to pay off our debt and as well as the accelerated savings plan.
Even though we're pretty feisty and irritated with each other at the moment, we have the most solid plan we've ever had for our finances.

THANK YOU for reminding me that I am and we are worth putting first, without question.

Big hug,

Dana F.
Oakland, CA