Your Divine Human Blueprint by Julie Renee Doering

I believe this is the one of the new bibles for healing. It is thorough and complete in its scope of work. Julie Renee talks about regenerating and regrowing organs to clearing DNA of old programming.  She created her body of work from her own journey of cancer and exposure to nuclear radiation from nuclear test sites while camping in the Nevada desert as a child. This is a great reference book for anyone serious about healing.


I highly recommend the following books if you want to expand your knowledge about how to heal and transform your life. 

You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Dr. Joe Dispenza

In school science, we were taught the idea of the placebo, but not the power of the placebo. In drug trials, 30% of the desired effects are results from the placebo and the mind healing the symptoms or ailments. If we spend more time studying the placebo effect, we could use the mind to heal many of our health problems. Your mind is incredibly powerful and many people have used beliefs to heal themselves. People will often dismiss good results as "oh well, that's just a placebo." At one point, I was discounted "the placebo effect" and was then confronted by my chiropractor who asked this profound question: "Do you mean to tell me if you cured yourself from cancer with a placebo, would you really care who and what did it?" That tilted my world and started me on the road to discovering how we heal ourselves with our mind. 

When Dr. Dispenza published his book, I was eager to read about his journey from recovering from  four injured veterbra to walking in 11 weeks. This ability is not reserved for a special few, but is available to all of us.


Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, water filters are useful to keep unwanted chemicals such as chlorine from being absorbed in the body, particularly from your shower. I have the Sprite filter installed in all the showers in the house to keep my hair and skin cleaner and softer from harsh chemicals in the city water.

Bone broths are an excellent to get collagen and cartilage, not to mention a boost to your immune system. Pressure cookers speed up the time it takes to make your own broth. I like to program my food so it is hot and ready for me when my family wakes up or when we return home. This pressure cooker will let you cook nutritious meals for you and your family with greater ease.

Healing: The Handbook by Ken Graydon

This is a simple healing method for looking younger and for regenerating your organs. Ken Graydon believes we are all one and if we help each other heal we are in effect healing ourselves and all those around us. I attended a live workshop in which Ken's wife Ann, who is in her 70's, went to the doctor to for her annual check up. The doctor told her she had 95% functioning of her gallbladder. Ann interrupted the doctor and explained that her gallbladder had been removed 24 years earlier to which the doctor had no response and continued to tell her the remaining test results. She had done the healing process one time 4 years ago and had forgotten about it. If lizards can regrown tails, I do believe we have similar potentials. The only limitation is the mind and the beliefs of people around us.